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Frosty the Snowplow: City snow clearing equipment gets named after contest

After more than 1,700 submissions, the City of Calgary has named its plows.

In all, 78 names were chosen and trucks around the city were provided decals with their new ID and they can be tracked online.

The city is following a trend first made popular in Europe and the US, with the naming of snow equipment.

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According to the city, for their name a snowplow contest, which they are the first in Canada to do, they received everything from relatives’ names to pet names to pop culture references.

The most popular names submitted were Plowy McPlowface, Mr. Plow and Frosty the Snowplow.

Students from the Calgary Board of Education, the Calgary Catholic School Board, plus private and home-schooled children took part.

“We’d like to thank our students of all ages who helped us name our snowplows. We saw so many unique names, and while we couldn’t use them all, we can tell that the kids in our city are creative and have many interests,” said Chris McGeachy, spokesperson for City of Calgary Roads.

The full list of winning names can be found here.