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The Hall: What’s happening at Calgary city council this week, Jan. 24 to 28

What’s happening at Calgary city council this week:

Every Monday, we’re going to start taking a look at what’s happening at Calgary city council, so you have an idea of what they might be looking at each week.

This list will be shorter some weeks (like this one) and longer in others.  We’ll try to ID some of the items of interest in the meetings.

The other thing this list won’t take into account, for obvious reasons, is matters that arise in council. It also won’t include breaking items that the mayor may comment on.  Also, if there are no council or committee meetings, you may not see the list at all.

With all that in mind, here’s what’s happening at the Hall.

Executive committee – Jan. 25, 2022

This week’s executive committee meeting has only a handful of items. Still, there are some items of interest of which Calgarians should be aware.

Green Line board report, Q1

To us, the one thing to keep an eye on is the part of the report that provides a financial update. Particularly this part: “The current budget is under pressure due to changes in escalation and schedule updates. Options are under review to mitigate these pressures.”

We all saw how escalating costs contributed to the capitulation of Calgary’s Events Centre deal. While this by no means will happen with the Green Line, it will be interesting to see what options would be considered to mitigate these pressures.

(Note: We interview Green Line CEO Darshpreet Bhatti on Friday for an overview of where we’re at on the Green Line.)

Update on Indigenous Relations Office – Q1

This is a standard update on the happenings in the City of Calgary’s Indigenous Relations Office.

We’ll pair it with the upcoming notice of motion on the land transfer for the Indigenous Gathering Place. That notice of motion directs administration to confirm with the Indigenous Gathering Place Society that they have interest in lands around the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

The NoM reads: “AND WHEREAS the land in and around the confluence of the Elbow and Bow rivers was a traditional gathering place for Indigenous Nations and continues to be of spiritual and cultural significance to Indigenous people;”

The City of Calgary and its partners own the land in this area.

The notice directs administration to find a suitable parcel around that area for the development of an Indigenous Gathering Place.

Since this is coming to Executive Committee first, they shouldn’t debate the merits; it should only be determined if it’s technically suitable to come forward at the next full meeting of council.

Enmax borrowing

Enmax is seeking council approval to borrow $229.9 million for hardware and software, fleet and equipment, non-residential development and energy system and building improvements.

It’s uncertain if this new borrowing through the city from the province will be impacted by the province’s new, higher interest municipal loans.

  • There is a final, confidential item on the Calgary Islamic Centre SW Masjid Mosque.
  • There is also a briefing on the Symons Valley Leisure Centre and Amenities Society

Calgary Planning Commission

The Calgary Planning Commission meets this week, and there are four items on the consent agenda (likely procedural) and two other items.

Relatively short meeting, most likely.