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Ward Zero – Bonus Calgary election wrap segment

What’s a podcast season without a bit of bonus content?

The Ward Zero team of Esmahan Razavi, Jeremy Zhao and LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause got together at Galaxie Diner in the Beltline to record a wrap-up segment on Calgary’s election this past week.

(Note: Audio quality is weak… just ask Darren about the rookie mistake of not changing over the recording hardware setting…)

This is a 9-minute segment of the bonus episode. In the full, 31-minute version available to $25/mo+ LWC members, the trio talks about the Sean Chu impact, who the rising stars are on council, and their hot takes. Plus, they discuss what the makeup of this council means, whether it’s enough to stop the outflow of Calgary youth and if the expectations of this council are too high.

We’ll be back in December with the second season of Ward Zero, where we shift the focus of the podcast from the municipal election to insight on the pressing municipal issues of the day. And, have better audio…

Ward Zero bonus – short version.
The Ward Zero team: (Left) Esmahan Razavi, Jeremy Zhao and Darren Krause. (SELFIE)