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By the numbers: Calgary’s 2021 mayoral race

Calgarians slightly edged out the number of voters who went to the polls in 2017 to vote for their mayoral candidate.

The number of 2021 voters was 393,090. There were 5,507 voters more than the 2017 count of 387,583.

Of the mayoral candidates running in this past election, Mayor Jyoti Gondek won the vast majority of polls, with 218 voting stations reporting her as the winner with the top number of votes. Second place finisher Jeromy Farkas won 28 voting stations, with Jeff Davison rounding out third with one voting station.

Overall, voters in Gondek's home ward (Ward 3) were more enthusiastic about voting for her than were voters in Farkas's home ward (Ward 11).

Farkas ranged from 28.9 per cent to 40 per cent of the votes cast. Whereas Gondek ranged from 44.2 per cent to 56.8 per cent.