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Ward Zero – Episode 20: Final polling, future of Calgary, election experience

In the season finale of Ward Zero – Season 1, Esmahan Razavi winds the team through a couple of hot takes, including one involving blatant misinformation.

NOTE: One story that we didn’t hit on (because it broke Friday night) is the CBC Calgary story by Meghan Grant involving Ward 4 candidate Sean Chu.

The trio does talk about what the final polling might signal, they hit on what we can tell from the advanced vote numbers (if anything) and what they’ll be looking for come election night.

NOTE 2: The reference to the Google trends searches in this audio was done as a point in time search. Those values may fluctuate as Google is constantly updating search values in their Trends platform.

As they wrap up season 1 (Season 2 start date is TBD), the three look back on their own political campaigns. Yes, all three. Which one resulted in a victory? You may be surprised! They talk about campaigning, candidacy, imposter syndrome and the exhilaration of working with others who share their vision.

We’ve been thrilled to host all of our listeners through season 1. Thanks so much for following along with our journey. We’re going to work hard to bring you a new and improved season 2, with more commitment to digging into Calgary’s top issues.

We welcome any feedback! Please send any of your thoughts to darren.krause@livewirecalgary.com. This is where you send your election night predictions, too!

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Ward Zero – Episode 20 (season finale)

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