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Ward Zero – Episode 19: Calgary ballot question, ward polling and the final week of the campaign

In the second last episode of this first season of the Ward Zero podcast, Esmahan Razavi leads LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause and former mayoral candidate Jeremy Zhao through the final week leading up to the Oct. 18 municipal election.

Esmahan shared her thoughts on the ballot question in this election, while Jeremy and Darren reminisce about the 2010 election and the ballot question at that time.

What do the final days of a municipal campaign look like, particularly for Ward-level candidates? Esmahan goes through those frantic moments leading up to the vote.

Common Sense Calgary put out Ward-level polling this week and the trio breaks that down as well.

There were TWO special announcements!

First: LiveWire Calgary will be hosting live election night coverage! Viewers can tune into the evening’s events, where Darren will host a panel of guests that includes Ximena Gonzalez, Bridget Brown and Jeremy Zhao. It will be live on Facebook and on YouTube.

Second: Ward Zero is coming back for a second season! While this was initially put together to be a municipal election podcast, the trio want to give it another life as a municipal issues podcast. More details to come.

Enjoy this episode!

Ward Zero – Episode 19