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Ward Zero – Episode 13: Nomination day, Forums, COVID-19 and more!

It’s lucky episode 13 here at the Ward Zero podcast!

We’ve streamlined and tweaked a few things, including how we roll out the segments. We want to shrink the time, but pack in more Calgary municipal election information.

Esmahan and Jeremy have hot takes this week (don’t forget to send yours in!), and then we get into our longer segments. In this episode we hit on the impact of COVID-19 on campaigns… That’s something we haven’t talked about yet, hey? It does coincide with new provincial regulations around COVID-19.

We also talk about forums and what’s happening with them. There’s a whole wide range of forums now: Online, in person, by bigger organizations, independents, etc. But Darren said there’s something missing from them.

The trio also hits on Nomination Day (Sept. 20) and how it will be much different in this election than in years past. (Our Patreon members are getting BONUS content! Esmahan, Jeremy and Darren go down a rabbit hole on this topic with some super cool historical information. But, only $25/mo members have access!)

Lucky Episode 13!