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Ward Zero – Episode 12: Local media shuffle, Kent Hehr, campaign safety and a 2010 poll

NO – We don’t talk about COVID-19 in this one. (It may come up again in a future episode.)

In this episode – yes, it’s a little bit late, co-host Jeremy Zhao starts us off with a hot take on the Sprawl cutting back coverage and it leads to a discussion on the challenges of being in independent media.

Jeremy, Esmahan Razavi and Darren Krause talk a bit more about how Kent Hehr’s arrival in the mayoral race impacts the campaign, and how it might be viewed by women voters.

The trio also looks at campaign safety in light of an incident on the campaign trail in the federal election regarding Calgary Centre Liberal Party candidate Sabrina Grover’s team. Could that be a sign of what’s to come municipally? If so, why?

They finish up with an interesting Paul Fairie (poli-sci prof at UCalgary) tweet on Labour Day polling in the year that COULD show there’s still time for others to leap into the mayoral competition. Where will the big jump happen? Debate season, perhaps.

PLUS: Do you have a hot take? Hit up darren.krause@livewirecalgary.com, with an audio hot take of between 15 and 30 seconds on a very clever, fun, unique aspect of the Calgary municipal election. Record it on your smartphone (we’d suggest writing it out first) and fire it off and YOU could appear on the next Ward Zero episode.

Enjoy the show!

Ward Zero – Episode 12

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