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Ward Zero – Episode 11: Mainstreet mayors poll, COVID and donors lists

Episode 11 starts off with a couple of hot takes from LiveWire Calgary editor, Darren Krause on the live, work and play trope, PLUS – why are dogs being used as political props in Calgary’s municipal election?

Esmahan Razavi and Jeremy Zhao are also in the house and Esmahan guides the trio through more juicy political topics. Plus, Jeremy gives a shout out to some Calgary candidates with amazing add-ons to their names.

We break down some numbers from the Mainstreet mayors poll produced for the Western Standard. NOTE: The initial numbers we had (in advance… dun dun DUUNNN) were only decided voters and leaners. Full poll info is below.

Calgary WS 02September2021 by Darren Krause

(Pssst. We also knew about Kent Hehr’s mayoral run, so we talked about that and the impact it would have had on this poll – including whether this poll was already outdated since it didn’t include Kent Hehr (and maybe others.) Would there be a vote split in play? Perhaps. But, that part of the Ward Zero podcast is reserved for our $25/mo patrons.)

Donors lists and the impact of COVID on the election (including a snippet from mayoral candidate Jeromy Farkas) are all a part of the latest Ward Zero episode.

We hope you enjoy it!

Ward Zero – Episode 11