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Ward Zero – Episode 9: TPAs, Event Centre impact, the latest Calgary mayoral poll

Welcome to Ward Zero! We’re rolling on with more great Calgary election commentary in this episode.

We’re responding to some feedback we received on keeping the episodes a little tighter and more compact, and that’s allowed us to turn them around quickly for you.

In this episode, Esmahan Razavi leads Jeremy Zhao and LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause through a handful of recent topics.

The trio cover off the latest mayoral poll that shows Jeromy Farkas maintaining – and perhaps extending – his lead in the mayoral race.

They also talk about the Richmond Green decision and Ward 8 candidates’ taking a position on it. They also hit on Calgary Tomorrow and the Event Centre situation.

They also hit on Jan Damery’s support for a vaccine passport – but only Patreon members are accessing exclusive conversation on whether COVID (and candidates’ stands on COVID issues) will be a factor when voters cast ballots on Oct. 18.

Enjoy the election conversation!

Ward Zero – Episode 9