Ward Zero – Episode 8: 10 open seats, Green Line, media candidates… and more!

A solid catch-up episode with some great insight and conversation.

We're back with season 2 of the Ward Zero podcast - now geared towards discussion on Calgary civic issues.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode of the Ward Zero podcast. We’re doing a little bit of catch-up (with even more to do), but busy schedules and Esmahan’s Zen vacation and Darren’s R&R got in the way.

Still, this episode has some good conversation on: Open seats on council, Ward 1 and Ward 5 candidate withdrawals, the Green Line and childcare.

The trio also talks about media personalities and what attracts them to politics. Darren thinks it has to do with ego… but Esmahan has a more sensitive perspective.

Jeremy, Darren and Esmahan also hit on the quiet Ward 2 race… but there might be some snooping around to do on this for an enterprising journalist.

It’s also the episode where Darren first broke the Calgary Tomorrow story… (had production not got in the way). We’ve got updates to that one.

NOTE: A technical issue that’s been holding up transfer to Apple podcasts and Spotify (and other podcast locations) has been narrowed to an image issue. We hope to have a wrap on that so you can enjoy the podcast wherever you listen.

Ward Zero – Episode 8
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