Suspect caught in 2018 Calgary art heist worth $500K

Roughly 60 pieces worth an estimated $500K were taken in the May 2018 break in at the Gerry Thomas Gallery

Ted Knudtson's sculpture, The Courage to Fall, was one of the pieces of art taken in the 2018 theft. CONTRIBUTED

While the thief in a 2018 Calgary art heist may have been nabbed, none of the stolen pieces have been recovered.

It’s believed at least 60 pieces of art, with an approximate value of more than $500,000 were swiped during the May 20, 2018 theft. According to police, multiple suspects had gained entry into a building at 602 – 11 Avenue SW and cut into the Gerry Thomas Gallery next door.

Police said at the time that the crew spent up to seven hours lifting art from the location.

In September 2018, Calgary police made a plea for the public’s help with any information on the theft. To that point they’d come up empty in their search for suspects and the art.

As a result of that, Calgary police confirmed to LiveWire Calgary they’d received numerous public tips that helped with the investigation. After reviewing the evidence, a man was charged on Dec. 23, 2019.

Shawn Graham Briscoe, 39, of Calgary was charged with break and enter with intent, police confirmed. According to information received by LiveWire Calgary, Briscoe entered a guilty plea in court on July 13. A further court date is scheduled for July 20.

Calgary police confirmed that no other suspects have been charged. None of the art has been located, they said.

Victim just wants sculpture back

Ted Knudtson was one of the artists whose art was swiped from the gallery in 2018.

His sculpture, The Courage to Fall, was taken.

Knudtson is hoping this is just the beginning of a resolution to the matter. He’d like to see the works recovered.

“I can only hope this leads to a return of my sculpture and the work of the other artists”, said Knudtson.

“That’s all I really care about.”

Calgary police said anyone with information on the theft, or the whereabouts of the art, they can contact police at 403-266-1234, or contact Crime Stoppers.

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