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Ward Zero – E7: Look Forward, Allan endorsements, arena and Ward 9 preview

We’re back with another episode of the Ward Zero podcast, your go-to listen on Calgary’s municipal election and how it ties in with city issues.

In this episode, Esmahan Razavi guides Jeremy Zhao and Darren Krause, editor at LiveWire Calgary, through the Look Forward candidate endorsements, Jeff Davison’s Steve Allan endorsement, the arena and a look at Ward 9. They also hit on taxation and budgets based on a couple of items put out by Jeromy Farkas and Brad Field.

There’s a handful of hot takes, too! Teaser: Esmahan hates the word ‘taxpayer’, Darren hot takes the progressive double standard… and Jeremy points it out, too!

Ward Zero – Episode 7

For the Steve Allan endorsement part, it’s worth it to read the letter acquired by Global Calgary’s Adam MacVicar. See it below.

Also, Darren references research done on who is tweeting. (2019 Pew Research)

More on that topic here.