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VIDEO: Calgary Stampede’s Nashville North to require vax proof or rapid test for entry

Nashville North patrons will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccine or take a rapid test onsite in order to enter the premises.

The Calgary Stampede announced the measures Tuesday in partnership with 19 to Zero, a group based out of the University of Calgary that advocates for a shift in public perception towards the COVID-19 vaccine.


“Ensuring the safety of Calgary Stampede participants is a top priority. To this end, 19 To Zero will be partnering with the Calgary Stampede to implement a proof of vaccination/rapid testing program for all who visit Nashville North,” said Dr. Jia Hu, partner of 19 to Zero and Calgary Stampede advisor.

“This is in addition to work both organizations have done in collaboration to promote vaccine uptake which is the single best protection against COVID-19.”

The Calgary Stampede announced their public health measures last month, a few weeks prior to the July 9 official opening of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Patrons at the location can take the test, but Stampede officials say that proof of vaccination – either paper record, photo or the MyHealth app – to gain entry is easiest. You only need one vaccine, at least two weeks prior. You don’t need double vaccination, the Calgary Stampede said.

Nashville North’s updates include making the ‘tent’ into more of a canopy to allow for better ventilation. KIRSTEN PHILLIPS / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY

“We are thrilled to see live music return to our city for Stampede 2021. As we join the communities around the world that are returning to live entertainment events, this simple process provides an extra level of comfort specifically for Nashville North,” said the Calgary Stampede’s Vice President responsible for programming and operations, Jim Laurendeau.

“It is just one of many safety protocols and aligned with our commitment to meet and exceed all public health guidelines.”

The Calgary Stampede will also have digital queuing, for the first time ever, that prevents the need to stand in line. You will receive a notification when it’s your turn to enter.

Nashville North has also changed locations and the venue type to create a safer public health environment. It is a canopy-style tent without walls, that will provide for freer airflow in the area.

All of the Calgary Stampede public health measures will be reviewed regularly, they said. Changes will be made, if necessary.