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Calgary Zoo’s iconic ‘Dinny’ the dinosaur reinvigorated with new life

Dinny the Brontosaurus gets a much-needed facelift.

A generous donation from the Brawn Family Foundation gives the Calgary Zoo’s oldest resident a refreshing makeover and a newly created dedicated green space around him.

Special memories with the dinosaur led the family to cover the costs of the restoration.

“Dinny is an iconic symbol of the Calgary Zoo. It’s important to our family to highlight Calgary’s past, as well as its future,” said Kelley Buckley, secretary of the Brawn Family Foundation.

“As kids, we couldn’t wait to visit the zoo and spent most of the visit climbing Dinny and pretending he was our own personal pet. We hope the Dinny green space will bring as many happy family memories to visitors as it has for our family.”

Born in 1937, Dinny weighs 120 tonnes, extending 107 feet long and 34 feet tall, as part of the original Natural History Park. He has patiently watched as Calgary has grown and changed around him over the years.

Dinny has seen the Calgary Skyline stretch and grow, and now the well-loved oldest resident is receiving a refreshed sense of life. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

The imposing statue is a symbolic reminder that extinction is forever.

He has played a memorable role in generations of families lives as they have gathered around him, collecting photographs of children climbing his tail or having a picnic in the shade he provides.

“We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of the Brawn Family Foundation. Thanks to their gift we will be able to ensure Dinny remains a treasured part of Calgary’s future for years to come,” said Steven Ross, Calgary Zoo’s Chief Development Officer.

“The Brawn Family’s legacy of philanthropic giving in our community is truly inspiring, and we are honoured to recognize their support with the Brawn Family Foundation Dinny’s Green.”

The public unveiling of the Brawn Family Foundation Dinny’s Green is set to take place in the Fall. The Calgary Zoo continues fundraising for the Dinny Legacy Fund.