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Mayoral candidate Jan Damery pitches help for Calgary restaurants, live music

Calgary mayoral candidate Jan Damery wants to fork over cash to help ailing restaurants and live music performers, to the tune of $52.7 million.

One part of Damery’s economic plan, announced Monday, would use the surplus from 2020 to invest in Calgary’s post-pandemic recovery.  Damery announced her candidacy for mayor earlier this month.

“We cannot undo the harm that individuals and businesses have experienced over the last year. But we can be a catalyst for a better future,” Damery said, in a prepared media release.

“Post-COVID, we must rebuild our economy, ensuring that local businesses have a chance to thrive and that our city is vibrant and accessible.”

According to the Damery campaign, some of the incentives from the program would include:

  • Lowering the barrier to entry for trialing new restaurant concepts and incentivizing the start-up of restaurants in under-used spaces. 
  • Providing additional funding to be split between landlords and restaurateurs to incentivise new permanent tenants who license and open a restaurant. 
  • Covering 50 per cent of the cost of hiring live performance artists, which will attract Calgarians and visitors to Calgary’s bars, restaurants, and other music venues. 

The plan includes $10 million for restaurants, $5 million for live music and performances, and $36.5 million for other initiatives. Administration costs for the program are an estimated $1.2 million.

“Post-COVID, we must rebuild our economy and ensure that local businesses have a chance to thrive,” said Damery.