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Calgary theft victim holds out hope for returned ring

The pricy custom wedding ring Victoria had stolen from her car last week is not the first time she’s been the victim of thievery. 

While Victoria feels frustrated with the events, she is grateful for the hard work the Constable and Calgary police have done. The two days it took for police to get back to Victoria was stressful she said, and she spent much of her time looking on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and eBay across Canada.

“He’s been really awesome like through emails, and we’ve even talked on the phone,” she said.

Victoria said her experiences with law enforcement have not always been as comforting. 

Trauma from first robbery still lingers

Five years ago this June, Victoria was the victim of a house robbery at roughly 4:30 a.m. She said that she still harbours a sense of paranoia, and occasionally wakes up at that time in the morning.

She said how the police handled her case five years ago made her weary to contact the police. 

“I didn’t feel like the cops really did anything. It was a weird 911 call, then the cops came 15 minutes later, and they seemed super chill about it,” Victoria said.

“They didn’t ask for more than a description of him, and I thought that maybe they would do a drawing or something.” 

Victoria said she feels she has more protection at her location now versus five years ago. Her ring getting stolen has brought feelings of paranoia once again.

“Now, I have a dog, and I have a husband to protect me, and I have a house alarm, and I have a car that has an alarm and I still got robbed,” she said.

“That’s been kind of unsettling. I just catch myself looking out the window in the middle of the day.” 

Spousal Support

Victoria said when she found out the ring was gone, she felt sick and started hyperventilating and crying. She is grateful for the support from her husband of five years. 

“I’m sure he’s pissed, but he’s been actually really positive about it. I think just because I’ve been so down,” she said. 

Remebering the proposal, Victoria said she loved how he took the time to design the ring himself. 

“Maybe it sounds corny, but I have those memories of the engagement and it’s the ring that’s in our wedding photos. Having this happen has helped me realize that it’s my most prized possession,” she said.

“My husband went and got the diamonds and then got a jeweller to take his ideas and my ideas and make this custom ring.” 

Thank you, Calgary police

Victoria said she wanted to emphasize how much she appreciates the constable’s work on her case. 

“This Constable has been really great. I’d rather focus on my appreciation for what he’s doing for me instead of ranting on the police” she said.

“They’re doing a media post about this. There’s like 304 shares, and this was posted less than 24 hours ago.” 

The ring was hidden from plain sight in a small compartment in her centre console, and Victoria said her car was in a private driveway. The report says the suspect was seen wearing red sweatpants, and the incident occurred between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. last week.  

If anybody has information about the ring, they are asked to call 403-266-1234. 

‘Please bring back my ring’

Victoria said she hopes that people will take this crime as a warning to be careful, and that she is trying to remain positive.

“At this point, I just want my ring back,” she said.

“My husband gets me to say that it’ll all work out. Whatever the outcome, it’ll work out.” 

Photograph of the missing ring. COURTESY CALGARY POLICE SERVICE