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City mom’s plate craft is lifting spirits this Mother’s Day weekend

Calgarian Maria Ramirez is hoping to warm hearts this Mother’s Day with a serving of love and goodwill during difficult COVID-19 times.

Alberta is in the midst of a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the full weight of restrictions are set to kick in at 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

Mother’s Day.

Ramirez was first inspired to give away her artisan plates when her kids wanted to do something nice for their neighbour. The neighbour had recently returned after being gone for some time.

“My kids were so happy he came back that they wanted to do something nice. So they made a drawing for him and I transferred it onto a plate. It turned out really cute and that’s honestly how it started.

Ramirez had been doing the plate artistry for some time, and wanted to turn it into a little side business.

Now, she’s putting together the artisan plates for whatever Calgarians are willing to pay during this Mother’s Day weekend.

Spreading joy one plate at a time

Ramirez recognized that during this time many families were feeling the strain that the COVID-19 pandemic had put on them. As a result she decided that she would turn her hobby into something that would give happiness to those that were in need.

“I just thought maybe it will help someone put a smile on their face and it was just something that I could do that I hope some will take advantage of,” she said.

Ramirez recognizes that her venture isn’t profitable. It isn’t about the money. She hopes that by showing kindness to her fellow Calgarians that others would be inspired by her deeds and aid each other in these hard times. 

“I offered this with the expectation that I would lose some money, but If we can inspire each other to do something nice instead of complaining it would make everyone’s lives better. If I can accomplish that it would be fantastic even if it’s just for a couple people.”

Ramirez’s hobby has gone from being something she did in her spare time, to being a bright spot for the community.

She will continue her craft in an effort to bring joy to those that need it this Mother’s Day weekend.

“The most powerful thing that we have and always will have is kindness and that if we do just a little bit to make the next person smile I think that we can make the world a better place,” Ramirez said.

If you would like to order a plate with a design of your choice on it message Ramirez on Reddit at user: RecoverFaithHumanity.