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Construction begins on a high-quality northeast Calgary turf field

Residents in northeast Calgary may have the chance to hit the pitch in a new turf field by the end of this summer.

The City of Calgary partnered with the Genesis Centre in Falconridge to bring a new turf field in Calgary’s northeast. They broke ground on the project Friday.

Representing the northeast, then-newly-elected Ward 5 George Chahal looked into the northeast fields in 2018.

“This is one the first notice of motions that I had brought forward in late 2018,” said Chahal, who

“These (existing) fields were under constant repair and rehabilitation.”

Chahal dug deeper, finding that there were no high-quality fields in northeast Calgary. Calgary has 78 class A and B fields, none of which are in the northeast.

“As a father of three girls, I’m used to driving around the city, all over trying to get to these types of soccer fields,” said Chahal.

Chahal reached out to the local communities and the Genesis Centre to start this project. That’s when the partnership was struck with the Genesis Centre to build these fields.

The Genesis Centre is a community hub in Northeast Calgary with fitness facilities and a library.

“It’s the heart of our community,” said Chahal.

‘Groundbreaking milestone’

The initiative will provide northeast Calgarians with a high-quality sports field. They will construct the turf field in the open area next to the Genesis Centre.

Executive Director of the Genesis Centre Sherry King is proud to have the first artificial turf field in northeast Calgary.

“We can’t wait to see the community outside enjoying these new amenities.”

She noted that this will be the only high-quality field accessible to the public.

“Providing that much needed organic community space to kick a ball around with your family or toss a frisbee,” said King.

“We’re finally here at this groundbreaking milestone,” she said.

Chahal is excited for people to come out and enjoy the new field. He hopes it’s complete by late summer but has been assured that it will be ready by next year.