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Bosom buddies: Calgary-area pig, cat build an unlikely bond

It’s a special bond that would make a pretty good sequel to Charlotte’s Web – even the pig’s name is the same.

And it can be found just east of Calgary, on an eight-acre acreage that features 17 chickens, three cats, one dog, one turtle and a five-month-old pig named Wilbur.

But it’s Wilbur’s connection with 12-week-old kitten Billy that is a dream come true for Jody Fraser. She moved just outside of Strathmore a year ago with the goal of having her own personal “petting zoo.”

She got that – and more – when her pig she’s had since he was eight weeks old and her new kitten hit it off. They cuddle together, sleep together, play together and even help each other get into a little mischief.

Wilbur and Billy taking a nap. CONTRIBUTED

“Every night is a special occasion when I have a bath,” she said. All of the animals, except for the chickens, are allowed in the house. They all take an interest in bath time.

“One night, Billy was trying so hard to get up on the tub, but he wasn’t even close to reaching it. Out of the blue, Wilbur came and laid by the tub like he wanted to help Billy get up.”

In just two weeks the duo have become best friends.

“The original plan was to just keep Wilbur in the house until spring, but something tells me that’s not going to happen. I had no idea they would become such good friends. I thought Billy would go to the cats but for some reason he liked the pig right away.”

Hamming it up

Now, Fraser isn’t so sure she will be able to kick Wilbur out of the house, but thankfully it’s been easy to keep him inside so far. Though, he has figured out how to jump onto the couch to cuddle the cats and the dog.

“Wilbur has such an easygoing demeanor, just happy and gentle. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I never had a pig before,” she says, adding she thinks she got “lucky.”

“My neighbor has his (Wilbur’s) sister and she’s a handful – in a good way – but way feistier for sure.”

Play time for Wilbur and Billy. CONTRIBUTED

Fraser has taken to posting photos and videos on her social media, getting lots of attention from her friends and family.

She even started a Tik Tok account for them at the urging of her friends. They think the duo are destined to go viral.

“They put a smile on my face every day.”


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