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Deerfoot Trail improvements final plan released

Topline information:

The city and the province released the final Deerfoot Trail corridor study. Work had begun in 2016 on the plan.

Details you need to know:

  • Depending on the suite of options, the total cost of all of the upgrades is around $2 billion.
  • The work plan is grouped into three phases: Short, medium and long term work
  • Short term work (inside 10 years) includes adding a High-Occupancy-Vehicle lane from Barlow to Airport Trail, and improvements around the Deerfoot / Glenmore Trail interchange. It also includes widening the Anderson / Bow Bottom Trail ramp to accommodate two lanes, and adding an early exit ramp to Southland Drive. There would also be improvements to the Country Hills Blvd interchange and an interchange added at 128 Avenue NE.
  • Medium- and long-term work can be seen in the full report below.


  • “Traffic on the Deerfoot is a common complaint of every Calgarian. With this study complete and its practical recommendations in hand, I look forward to realizing improvements that will make it safer and easier to get to work, school, and around Calgary for generations to come,” said Ric McIver, Minister of Alberta Transportation.
  • “We are pleased to present the long-term recommendations for Deerfoot Trail, which include consideration of additional capacity in both directions with High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) – or carpool – lanes, and a Collector Distributor System,” said Jeffrey Xu, Senior Transportation Engineer with The City of Calgary. “These recommended improvements will help alleviate congestion and improve safety on Deerfoot Trail.”

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