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LiveWire Calgary’s top 10 most read stories – 2020

We had an astounding year this year, with more than 820,000 views from more than 610,000 visitors. That’s 156 per cent growth in readership over 2019. It was a big year for us!

If you guessed that COVID-19 coverage dominated our views, you’d be mostly right. Be we have some other great stories in there, too!

Here’s a look back as we countdown our most read stories of 2020:

10. The Unicorn Pub thwarts anti-mask meeting scheduled for their Calgary bar (9,286)

Calgarians wanting to hold a meeting of like-minded folks were asked not to do it at a Calgary bar, as restrictions were in place.

9.  AISH recipients not included in Alberta coronavirus emergency relief (9,983)

When relief measures were first rolled out, Albertans who were collecting AISH weren’t eligible for additional benefits from the provincial government. This story still gets hits and comments on a weekly basis.

8. Calgarians plans to travel to BC, take precautions (11,178)

When restrictions first hit in the spring, Calgarians with vacation plans / properties were still striking out west to get some R&R. But, they were keeping a close eye on their contents.

7.  There’s no fiasco in this gelato – it’s just Righteous (12,728)

Popular Calgary gelato maker, formerly Fiasco Gelato changed its name earlier this year.

6. LWC Shortcast – How was Alberta coronavirus modelling so far off? Expert Caroline Colijn explains (13,905)

When Alberta’s case count numbers didn’t even hit a fraction of what was anticipated when the provincial modelling came out, we sought out answers why.

5. I think Calgary is ready.’ Anna Murphy vies to be city’s first transgender councillor (15,231)

As part of our commitment to cover as many local candidates as possible, we talked to Anna Murphy as she was one of the first to announce her candidacy in the upcoming Calgary municipal election.

4.  Ninjas armed with wine and goodies strike homes in Calgary, across Alberta (15,738)

In one of the really good COVID-19 news stories in 2020, this story warms the heart with people who were being ‘ninja’d’ at their doorsteps during COVID-19 restrictions. Do-gooders were dropping off wines, supplies, and warm messages to friends and neighbours.

3.  Santa on the street: Calgary man brings St. Nick to the kids (16,565)

Calgarian Dean Hopkins made it through more than two-weeks of riding in the back of a pickup truck with Christmas music blaring, dress up in a Santa suit, so kids could experience the joy of Christmas. This story spiked several times on its way to number 3, as people kept coming back looking to see if the jolly elf would be in their neighbourhood.

2. Anger swells over Calgary coffee shop use of Hitler meme to express frustration over alleged calls about coronavirus infractions  (17,163)

Purple Perk owner Paul Overholt likened people calling AHS about his business allegedly not adhering to provincial health rules to Nazi Germany and people ratting out neighbours.

  1.  Alberta COVID-19 health restrictions rolled out as coronavirus cases mount (65,077)

Who says an upstart independent local news organization can’t land a huge scoop? After pressure – and cases counts – ramped up, Alberta was forced to scale up public health restrictions in November. We published a story with information we received on those regulations 30 minutes before the official announcement.  It was EASILY the most read this year.