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PHOTOS: Calgary digs out of an overnight snowstorm

Calgarians dreaming of a white Christmas will get exactly that.

On Wednesday, the city was hit with a snowstorm that dumped more than 30 cm of snow across different communities.

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Across the northwest of the city, shovels and snowblowers were out in full force, neighbours were clearing bus stops, and some residents even got a little creative.

A family clears a bus stop on Hawkwood drive while a dog looks on. Many bus routes in the city were disrupted due to the heavy snowfall on Wednesday (Dec. 22) (OMAR SHERIF / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)

Transit riders weren’t the only ones having trouble moving around the city. A number of cars were stuck and people tried to push them out of snow banks.

A man helps his son get his car moving after getting it stuck in the snow (OMAR SHERIF / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)
A stuck car spins out and tries to get out of the snow. (OMAR SHERIF / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)

But some cars proved too difficult to move and were just left out in the cold.

A car was stuck and left near a bus stop on John Laurie Blvd in northwest Calgary (OMAR SHERIF / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)

Regardless of the heavy snow fall, some still had to work. But first, they had to clear the snow.

A security guard clears the snow off of a sidewalk next to Nose Hill Dental Clinic in northwest Calgary. (OMAR SHERIF / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)

While some had to work, others stayed home and got creative with the snow. The person who built this snowman said that he “gained the COVID 20”

A snowman made in the snowbank on one resident’s driveway. She said “he gained the COVID 20.” (OMAR SHERIF / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)

While the snow may have made travel difficult, many residents shared the same sentiment. “It’s a good thing we can’t go anywhere anyway,” said one resident who’s car was stuck outside his house.

A car is stuck in a snowbank outside of a person’s house in northwest Calgary.

And those who wanted to go out, found walking very difficult.

A woman trying to take a walk on Wednesday after the snowfall. (OMAR SHERIF / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)

Maybe staying home is the best idea today!

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