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GetintheLoop: Reopen your Calgary business with a plan that drives results

As Canada ReOpens, it’s a time of celebration and optimism for businesses and potentially a time of confusion and market noise. Consumers are out of habit and uncertain about who’s open and whether services like curbside pick-up are still available. The good news is, more people want to eat, play, and shop local than ever before. GetintheLoop makes it easy to connect with the members of Canada’s largest Shop Local community with offers on their phones through our app, website, email, push notifications, and social media.

Offers drive results

By their nature, offers create a sense of urgency and are a call to action. Offers on GetintheLoop drive sales by attracting new customers and influencing repeat purchases.

With GetintheLoop, you can also post offers that grant access or promote events like webinars, trunk sales, and pop-up events. Create even more awareness by posting in-app contests that fuel demand.

GetintheLoop’s platform lets you

  • Build different types of offers to match your objectives.
  • Create awareness and revenue with a strong percentage off or BOGO offers
  • Add value and stimulate sales with a favourite tactic of luxury brands, gift with purchase offers
  • Drive volume with bundled offers
  • Build loyalty and customer retention with punch card offers

Exclusive Offers

Create offers that are exclusive to GetintheLoop to optimize your reach and engagement by our community. Exclusive Offers get more exposure than non-exclusive offers. Great Exclusive Offers get the most.

Limited Quantity Offers

Nothing drives urgency as Limited Quantity Offers. Limited Quantity Offers are Exclusive Offers that enable you to control how many units you make available at a promotional price. Great for door crasher specials or if you have limited inventory.

Punch Card Offers

Build loyalty and increase repeat purchases with GetintheLoop’s NEW digital punch cards offers. GetintheLoop’s Punch Card Offers give you new ways to take advantage of this time proven marketing tactic.

Reach + Offers Spread the word and amplify promotions that aren’t exclusive to GetintheLoop, like Happy Hours and Wing Wednesdays with Reach+ Offers.

Quick Tips

  • Optimize your campaign with long and short-term offers. For example, consider creating ReOpening Exclusive Offers that are valid for up to 90 days.
  • Offers make for great social media and email content. Get the most out of GetintheLoop by sharing links to your offers.
  • When you need to move a product before it’s stale or out of season, post an offer. Offers are a great way to manage your inventory turns.
  • Plan ahead. Once your summer campaigns are set up, it will be time to start thinking ahead to back to school, Halloween, and the opportunities that fall will bring.

Want help? Our team can help with ideas and creating your offers to let everyone know you’re open, why they should visit you, and how to grow your business using GetintheLoop.

To learn more or get started contact us today.