GetintheLoop: Where great deals and supporting Calgary business collides

Who isn't looking for deals? Who doesn't want to support local business? GetintheLoop does both.

GetintheLoop connects Calgary businesses with users that want to support local. CONTRIBUTED

You’re out and about in Calgary and dinner hour approaches. Time to eat. You’re hungry.

You pop open your GetintheLoop app and it shows you four restaurants in the area with a meal promotion that night.

Perfect! A Bento box it will be!

You save money and you do your part to keep local small business thriving in Calgary.

“Ultimately, we’re local. We’re about shopping local, we’re about the local consumer, we’re about the local business,” said Janeil Lentz with GetintheLoop Calgary.

Lentz, a marketing whiz for the past two decades, said GetintheLoop first started in Calgary about 18 months ago.

In that time, they’ve grown a user base of more than 25,000 Calgarians who like the collision of great promotions and supporting local business.

“For the general user of the app, it’s an easy reference to find something new and exciting or different – something really local,” Lentz said.

“This is a platform that’s offers and promotions. This is a way for them to save money while shopping and supporting a local business.”

How it works 

GetintheLoop members opt-in to receive offers from local businesses when they download the app. Members are looking for something to do or something to buy, and want to support local businesses.

Users can search by categories called ‘loops’, by their location or open the app to see what is new and trending.

They work with their business partners to craft the right strategy delivered to an engaged audience that is looking to support local here in Calgary. A user’s positive experience is critical.

“Our focus is to really have a good experience for the people who are using the app,” Lentz said.

“The more people that use the app, the more people that like it, the more benefits our business partners are going to see simply because that’s going to drive all that traffic for them.”

It’s simple to login, create a basic profile and you can immediately see the deals in your area. You’ll find food, entertainment and merchandise – all from local businesses.

Businesses benefit, too         

There’s a low monthly fee of $225 for business partners. But, they get that one thing that all businesses covet: The warm lead.

Calgarians who are buzzing around the city open the app to find an offer or promotion near them. Or, they might receive a push notification. They click through – that person is interested. They’re already ahead of the competition.

Lentz said they work with their business partners to focus the messaging, the offer, and the timing to make sure that they are providing the user with the best local content while driving revenue for the business.

It’s a deftly orchestrated system that brings members and businesses together – to save money and to support the health of Calgary’s business community.

Download the app for iPhone and Google Android phones.

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