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Calgary’s Stetson Village Inn closes after more than 50 years in business

The list of notable businesses that have closed in Calgary this year was lengthened after an iconic city motel closed its doors.

A mainstay on Macleod Trail, the half-century-old location posted on its outdoor sign and online that it would be permanently closed.

The Stetson Village Inn has been on Macleod Trail since 1967. The 53-year-old motel was a favourite of many Calgarians who enjoyed local music and arts.

Stetson Village Inn sign. SCREENSHOT

Warren Lyle, the owner of the family business, said that it was a focus of the operation.

“We were a venue for local talent,” he said.

They thanked those who helped create their vintage Calgary charm.

“We would like to thank our loyal customers for their many years of support and patronage, it has been a pleasure to serve you,” read a post on their website.

Lyle said a number of factors, including the pandemic, the economy, and retirement contributed to their decision.

“It was a business decision,” he said.

“COVID was a helping hand in us not reopening.”

Lyle said that the general state of Alberta’s economy has made operations difficult for businesses such as his over the last few years.

The motel will be replaced by a car wash.

Contents up for auction

The Stetson Village Inn was also home to the 99th Avenue Cafe. For 40 years, locals from Willow Park and travellers from around the world have grabbed a coffee or a meal.

The Cafe was decorated with memorabilia significant to Calgary’s culture. It had old Calgary Stampede posters, vintage hockey jerseys, and paintings and furniture.

These items are now up for grabs at the Calgary Auction Depot.

Auction Depot called the establishment a “landmark” and a “Calgary icon” and they’re encouraging people to check out some of the things they have available.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to get a little piece of Calgary history for your very own,” said the Depot.

The auction goes live on Oct. 19.

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