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PODCAST: For More on This Story: Episode 1 – Ejected

In December 2018, during a contentious debate at Calgary city council over councillor wages, one member, Coun. Jeromy Farkas, was removed from the meeting.

It stemmed from a Facebook post Coun. Farkas made earlier that day.  

The matter was turned over to the city’s integrity commissioner for further investigation.

Nearly 18 months later a report was produced on the matter. Guidelines call for that report within 90 days.

When the report was received in May, another Facebook post was put up. This one referring to the removal as illegal, and a punishment sought in a ‘secret meeting.’

Was it illegal? Was it a secret meeting?

That’s what we explore in the first episode of For More on This Story – a new LiveWire Calgary podcast that goes beyond the headlines, beneath the surface and tests claims made in stories that bombard Calgary media today.

(This is the first podcast in the series. It’s not yet available in your favourite podcast locations.)

For More on This Story – Episode 1: Ejected

For More on This Story – Episode 1 documents and resources

This is the image from the original Facebook post, which council deemed a breach of the Code of Conduct for Elected Officials. CITY OF CALGARY INTEGRITY COMMISSIONER REPORT
Copy of a letter sent to councillors by Coun. Farkas, one year after the removal from the meeting, expressing that he felt without an investigation, the matter is closed.

A copy of the Integrity commissioner’s report

Item 6.1.1 C2020-0548 Inves… by Darren Krause

The Facebook post from Coun. Farkas from May 11, 2020. FACEBOOK SCREENSHOT
This is the media statement sent out by Coun. Farkas on the day the report was presented. FACEBOOK
The opinion of former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Hon. John (Jack) Major. FACEBOOK

LINK to the Rocky View sanctions case