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Calgary firefighter tested postive for COVID-19; no further cases reported

A Calgary firefighter tested positive for COVID-19 in early August, forcing a half-day closure of a city fire station.

According to the city, the firefighter stayed away from work when he started feeling ill. He immediately contacted 811 to arrange for testing. Once the test came back positive the Calgary Fire Department management was notified, along with all the firefighter’s colleagues.

The station, which the city has chosen not to identify to protect the firefighter’s identity, was shut down for approximately half a day for a deep cleaning.

The on-duty crew for the area was based out of a neighbouring station while their station was cleaned. The city said there was no impact on call times as a result.

Earlier this year, the Calgary Firefighter’s Association said members would go to a 24-hour shift to cut potential COVID-19 exposure. They typically work 10-hour day shifts or 14-hour overnight shifts.

That move would limit how often firefighters would interact with different people, including family, between shifts.

“The health and safety of our employees and citizens is always a priority for our organization,” a statement from the City read.

“We continually strive to maintain a safe and healthy work environment while preventing any disruption in services.”

Firefighters in the affected station were advised to contact 811 for further direction, the city said.

No additional cases were reported after the result of this single case.