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Calgary company offers Alberta’s first non-alcohol, plant-based, Sexy AF spirits

Your mocktails can now be Sexy AF with premiere non-alcoholic, plant based spirits – an it’s an Alberta first, the company says.

SEXY AF is a new brand of alcohol-free spirits designed for great-tasting mocktails. Created by Calgary-based entrepreneur Jo-Anne Reynolds, the company aims to meet demand for non-alcoholic drinks.

They’re all completely alcohol-free, low in calories and carbs with no added sugar and no artificial flavors

“Staying sober doesn’t mean missing out or feeling excluded,” Reynolds said.

“Our motto is ‘Sober is Sexy AF.'”

They have a line of handcrafted mock spirits in four flavours. They’re called ViirGiin, Triple Sexy, Amar-Oh and Kampari.

Each flavour is crafted from Kosher and Halal ingredients. The flavours are selected from an initial batch of 36 due to their intensity and aroma.

As a health and fitness enthusiast, Reynolds wanted a new way to enjoy cocktails that removed heavy, high-calorie syrups and sodas. She’s pushing for a line of healthy and refreshing spirits.

The company said that more people worldwide are going booze-free during COVID-19 in order to stay healthy. This increased the desire for non-alcoholic drinks.

The UK already has 150 brands of non-alcoholic spirits. Canada and the US are still catching up.

“Sexy AF is excited to be a leader in the North America markets thanks to the amazing line of beverages we have developed,” Reynolds said.

The spirits are available in specialty food markets, select liquor stores and through their website. This summer, it will also be served at specific bars and restaurants throughout Canada.