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Calgary Zoo opens new Bugtopia exhibit

On Friday, Calgary Zoo opened their new Bugtopia play site.  

Much like the prehistoric park, children are immersed in a new world that teaches and allows them to burn off some energy.

Bugtopia introduces three themes towers, pests and protectors, pollinators and decomposers.

Hidden deep within Canadian Wilds you will be asked to wait in line and sanitize your hands before entering and leaving the area.

  Life size bugs, insects and bats are found within the structure.

“There’s lots of information through the park through interpretive signs about pollinators and about pests and about buzzy things to help educate your kiddos,” said Alison Archambault, Calgary Zoo’s director of brand and engagement.

The park is designed for children of all ages, particularly those ages seven and older.

Signs around the zoo indicate high touch areas and Bugtopia is sanitized for 30 minutes before guests are allowed back in.