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FixIt Service Pros connecting Calgary with reputable contractors

The process to hire a contractor to handle your Calgary home project is almost as big as the job itself.

Calls or emails aren’t returned, you don’t have time to interview candidates, tough to sift through quotes wondering if they’re comparing apples to apples – it’s a headache.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has dedicated an entire article to the steps homeowners should take when hiring an independent contractor. Is that work you want to do to make sure a job is done right?

What if that was handled for you?

FixIt Service Pros connects qualified contractors with homeowners to swiftly, seamlessly take care of your project – big or small.

“FixIt made the process for the average buyer as simple and stress-free as we can,” said Rob Bartko, who co-founded FixIt along with Sam Beaudoin.

Beaudoin said they’re focused on brokering a trusting relationship between buyer and contractor. They’ve both been contractors and hired contractors in their career so they know the anxiety it can bring. It’s one of the reasons they started FixIt.

“What’s most important for the homeowner is that trust factor,” he said.

The stress-free FixIt process

First, the homeowner will fill in job details for their home project. They’re encouraged to include photos and videos of the prospective work for the utmost clarity.

From there, Beaudoin and Bartko find the right contractors that they’ve already put through the rigors of pre-screening: Certifications, background checks, insurance ($2 million liability), references and more.

For smaller jobs, they send it out to their pool of contractors to claim the requested work.

“We’re here to get the job done right, on time and on price,” said Bartko.

Everyone knows the cost upfront and the schedule to complete the work. FixIt uses a pricing structure for jobs based on industry averages, competitor rates and Statistics Canada information.

Beaudoin and Bartko set themselves apart from their competition by offering simple back-end administration tools for contractors, so their billing and collection is handled.

“We know these contractors are exceptionally competent with their tools; we want to help them excel at their admin and communication,” said Beaudoin.

“The nice thing about these tools is they don’t only make life easier for the FixIt Pro, the homeowner also ends up with better work.”

That clear, direct line of communication ensures that a job is done properly, invoicing is clear, payment is prompt and contractors get paid.

The Mom test

Peace of mind with contractors entering your home is a reality, said Bartko.

He recalled a project that involved the replacement of his mom’s flooring.

“She was pretty worried about which contractor and didn’t know what a fair price would be,” Bartko said.

“She was worried about contractors entering and leaving her home and she was unsure if she was actually getting ripped off or not. FixIt kept all those problems in mind when we created this platform.”

Beaudoin said they wanted to reconnect that disconnect between homeowners and contractors. With both of their backgrounds in construction and construction management, they saw an important void to fill.

“We’re solving trust and quality issues, and we’re there for every step along the way,” he said.