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Black Lives Matter: Hundreds rally in Calgary show of solidarity

Protesters with signs that read “F–k the police” and “My skin color isn’t a threat” swarmed Calgary’s downtown core, as hundreds gathered for a Black Lives Matter rally.

Calgarians rallied over the weekend in solidarity with dozens of Black Lives Matters rallies across North America after the homicide of George Floyd while in Minnesota police custody May 25. They did so again Monday.

Chants like “Black lives matter” and “No justice, no peace,” filled the streets from East Village to City Hall.

The roads were blocked off by Calgary police officers while protesters made their way through busy downtown intersections during the mid-day event.

The protestor that made speeches throughout the event didn’t want to be named for fear of retribution against family and friends. ISAIAH LINDO/LIVEWIRE CALGARY

The crowd made their way to the steps of city hall. Lead protesters spoke to the group on the injustice felt in the black community and how systemic racism has led to many unjustified black deaths.

Speakers also talked about the senseless killing, unlawful arrests, and deep-seated racism towards the black community. The crowd continued to shout for change.

“Every single narrative, every single term used against us is where oppression lies. Stop waiting for change, make it happen,” the woman said

Systemic discrimination must stop: Andrew G

Andrew G spoke on the importance of protests like BLM and the discrimination against the black community. He said above all else he wants the systematic discrimination against minority groups to stop.

“I don’t think you can really feel another black man’s pain until you are put in his shoes so we will stand for the people that can’t,” he said.

The crowd made their way back to East Village, conflict broke out between this man yelling at police for pushing the crowd along. PHOTO: MICHAELA NEUMAN
Many of the protesters shouted their anger while wearing masks, not to hide their identity but to observe Calgary’s heath restrictions while protesting. ISAIAH LINDO/LIVEWIRE CALGARY