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Goodbye Brasserie, Kensington welcomes new Eat Crow

Last week, Brasserie in Kensington announced they were closing their doors to usher in something new for Calgarians.

This week, owners Cam Dobranski and Jacqueline Warrell announce their plans for the new Eat Crow in Kensington. The newly renovated space is going back to the basics.

A fresh food and drinks menu will feature some classic snacks like handmade perogies and their signature butter ‘Scotch’ cream puffs. A large portion of the menu offers vegetarian, vegan-friendly, dairy and gluten-free options.

Eat Crow’s straightforward drink menu will offer classic beers, house-infused highballs and cocktail concoctions on tap.

Owner Jacqueline Warrell said that the new place is “really kind of cocktail and spirit forward. It’s a place that you want to come hang out and have a few drinks and a few snacks.”

When Eat Crow officially opens to the public in the next couple weeks, they will be working at 30 per cent to 40 per cent capacity until all renovations are complete.

The new set up accommodates post-COVID dining requirements with a casual, cool and comfortable open seating arrangement.

Servers will be required to wear a mask and patrons are reminded to social distance with stickers and signs in the restaurant.

“We’ve really seen people enjoy simple things and that’s what our new concept is about,” said Warrell.