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Calgary Zoo reopens to guests after coronavirus shutdown

With more than 8,000 Calgarians responding to the survey they put out two weeks ago, zoo staff had a very clear idea of what the public wanted to see if they were to visit the zoo again.

The Calgary Zoo had been working very closely with AHS since March to put guidelines and rules in place so they could reopen in phase one. The Calgary Zoo reopened to visitors on May 23.

“People really wanted that reduced capacity, that nice signage that helps you stay safe and physically distant from each other and they wanted that increased sanitization protocol,” said Megan Douglas, communications leader of the Calgary Zoo.

Staff are walking around frequently spraying down all surfaces but there are still areas where people and children touch frequently. There are signs that indicate when you’re going to a high touch area.

Some things will be unavailable until further notice are: wagon rentals, water fountains, carousel, playgrounds and indoor facilities, including: grazers; Discovery Centre; Enmax Conservatory and gift shops.

Leading you along the pink paws

When guests walk into the zoo, they’ll see pink paw prints on pathways leading them in a one-way direction through the park. The stickers are put three meters apart to promote social distancing.

The paw prints will lead you through various loops in the zoo allowing you to choose your own “Zooventure.”

“It gives you a different perspective of the habitat, of the animals and it’s kind of a nice to be able to offer when we’re shifting the experience,” said Douglas.

All over the Calgary Zoo, signs reminding people to keep a safe distance apart and to wash your hands often.

When walking up to the exhibits, people will notice pink circles with paw prints on the inside saying “Stand Here.” This also encourages social distancing when viewing animals.

Not only are Calgarians and zoo staff excited about the zoo re-opening, but so are the animals.

They had been receiving extra stimulus during the closure. Now with the public returning, the animals are being extra friendly.

Guests are required to purchase online tickets before entering the park as there are no tickets at the gate. Prices have been reduced.