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Calgary chiropractors operating at half capacity as coronavirus relaunch eases ahead

Ola Ishola has been seeing a chiropractor for three years and said he’s thrilled that clinics are open again.

With many operating on emergency cases only, chiropractors around the city reopened on May 14. That’s when the province announced that some allied health care providers could reopen with the proper public health measures in place.

Mark Peverett, a chiropractor at Chaparral Chiropractic said they’re not seeing the same volume as before, but people are eager to come back in.

Mandy Hardy works at Fish Creek Chiropractic and said they’re seeing half the amount of patients as usual.

They are both, however, seeing an increase in new patients, especially this week.

Working from home can be hard on the body

Ishola said he typically visits the chiropractor once a month but will be going more often now that he’s working from home.

Most people aren’t set up for working at home and it’s taking it’s a toll on their bodies.

A not so ideal home office set-up. MADASYN KOST / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY

“It’s just something the body isn’t used to, it’s a lot of adjustment that the body has to make. My body is not adapting to the change very well,” said Ishola.

Peverett said this is a primary reason for people getting chiropractic care right now.

“That’s been the case in many instances, just adapting to different environments and you’ll see emotional stresses to physical stresses as well,” said Peverett.

Ishola said he’s tried some new ways to reduce pain but it’s not the same as seeing a chiropractor.

“Working from home has made my muscles really tight so I’ve been trying different things but I generally miss going there,” he said.

Spacing out Calgary chiropractic patients

Hardy said their office has taken several safety precautions.

Most chairs in the waiting room have been removed. Patients must read a COVID-19 screening form upon arrival.

She said they’re also ensuring the waiting rooms aren’t full at any time.

“We’re only seeing half the amount of patients that we were prior. We’re not booking as many so there’s not such high traffic,” Hardy said.

Peverett said their office is also limiting the amount of appointments.

“We have a maximum of three people in the office at any one time[…] we’ve got the PPE and sanitization of the rooms prior to anybody coming in between every visit, as well.”

Ishola said his chiropractor requires patients to wear a mask. They’re also asking that people don’t come any earlier than five minutes before the appointment.