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Calgary’s Next Economy: Memento Database puts the app power in your hands

Often when you open database-driven smartphone apps, they don’t quite do everything you want.

How many times have you said to friends, if this app could do this, it would be great?

With the Memento Database system from Calgary-based developer Vasily Egorov, you tailor it to exactly what you need.

Egorov has put together a template-based system that provides people the flexibility to create their own fields, design, view and data analysis.

“I’ve been developing this application for many years,” said Egorov.

“When I tried to use (an app), this application wasn’t suitable for me, or they didn’t have some sort of function.”

Egorov has been a software developer for the past 15 years, and Memento Database been sort of a pet project for him. He’s been picking away at it for a long time, but over the past two years he’d refined the product to the point of building a business model for it.

“It was a good opportunity because as a developer I wanted to use my other skills,” he said.

Template system for small business

Egorov said he’s recognized the need for small businesses to have access to simple database solutions that are flexible enough for their specific needs.

Out of the box database apps may have some of the tools they need and not others. He’s hoping to fill that void.

“I want to create one solution for small businesses,” he said.

Users can go through a catalog of different templates and then build the database tool to fit their operation.

Right now, it operates for Android phone and on desktop systems. Developers are working on a iOS version of Memento Database right now.

Building the database business model

Egorov said he wanted to see a local business providing this kind of solution to city small businesses.

Working with the Platform Calgary Junction program has taken some of the business development knowledge locked inside his brain and helped him put it into action.

“I read a lot of information related to business development, but this knowledge has gotten stuck in my head,” Egorov said.

“It’s important to get advice from advisors – that’s the most important thing.”