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New Calgary Flyover Park design a gateway built on community collaboration

The final design has been revealed for Bridgeland’s Flyover Park and construction is now set to begin.

The $2 million community effort was literally launched a little over a year ago and they’re ready to move forward with the project.

The Flyover Park is under the 4 Avenue flyover between Memorial Drive and Edmonton Trail NE. The area is adjacent to the river and connects to downtown, with a high density of commuter usage. 

“The location is just a tremendous opportunity to add some life and vitality to that area,” said Sheila Taylor, CEO of Parks Foundation Calgary, who partnered with Bridgeland-Riverside communities on the project.

The park will bolster use, provide a prominent gateway that was previously lacking in the neighbourhood, and improve the social sphere of the area.

“This is going to create a safer and more usable space where the community can gather,” said Ali McMillan, planning director for the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association. 

Community-led Calgary park project

Community engagement for the project suggested improved lighting, along with creating more of a destination.

“We are hoping that this design addresses all of that feedback from the community,” said Taylor.  

A rendition of lights that will be added to the area to address the concern. CONTRIBUTED.

The park was designed by Grade Six students at Langevin School, working with University of Calgary environmental design students. 

“You’ll see a lot of play elements incorporated that will actually be multi-aged,” said McMillan

“So there’s things for the young and things for the very old. All ages can participate in the park.”

Taylor said that the park is a prime example of what happens when the community takes part in designing the space, creating a sense of ownership for the community. 

“What we have is a park and a public space being created through a true sense of collaboration,” she said.

Playful elements that are being incorporated in the park. CONTRIBUTED.

Going forward with the park

Murals are the only outstanding aspect of the park space. That will be the public art element. It’s still in fundraising mode, said MacMillan. 

Taylor said the foundation is to bring this park to the inner city.

“We couldn’t be more excited to see it happening after all the years of effort that have gone into this,” she said.

McMillan said that it will be a complete transformation for those who have lived in the community. 

“Lots of people can’t see the beauty that could be in the space,” she said. 

“The most exciting thing is going to be to unveil how amazing the space can be to the world.”

Construction will start this spring and is scheduled to finish this fall.