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Find a way for us to celebrate Neighbour Day during COVID-19, said Mayor Nenshi

While Calgary may be shut down to public events until June, the mayor still has his eye on one particular June day.

On Friday, the city announced that effective immediately, all public events and permits for events in the city, would be cancelled until June 30.

“It means a lot of charity walks and runs that happen in the spring that I love so much will not be happening this year,” Mayor Naheed Nenshi said.

“No Mother’s Day Run no Mother’s Day gatherings.”

The mayor then brought up Neighbour Day. It’s traditionally the third Saturday in June, celebrated in recognition of how the city came together during the 2013 Calgary flood.

Mayor Nenshi said that he was texted by a council colleague, asking him not to say Neighbour Day would be cancelled.

“(She said) tell people that we’re going to figure out how to reach one another’s neighbours on Neighbour Day without being in the same space,” he said.

“She also further said, ‘I have no idea what that means, ask people to send you ideas directly. So, I will.”

Mayor Nenshi said he wants people to reach out to him on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #yycneighbourday. Post ideas on how we can share time with our neighbours in this coronavirus crisis.

“In June this year, we can still celebrate neighbor Day celebrating the tremendous spirit of neighborliness,” he said.

“We will talk for generations about what we did is this time and what we did in order to keep ourselves safe. We’ll focus on what we did that changed our normal way of life. But, ultimately, we’ll talk about those special things.”