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Calgary delivery service adds new meaning to the phrase, ‘food for thought’ during coronavirus

Inspired Go is taking extra measures to keep Calgary healthcare workers going back to the front line during the coronavirus.

The Calgary company is taking their meals to the front doors of front line workers.

The on-demand meal delivery service is dropping off free meals to the homes of AHS workers, in exchange for their personal accounts of life on the front lines of COVID-19.

Inspired Go’s founders Jon Karwacki and Derek Rucki said that changing their delivery method has created an entirely new experience.

“Once we started delivering directly to these health care practitioners and getting their stories, that just added a whole new human element to everything,” said Karwacki.

In their #feedthefrontlines initiative, for every box purchased, Inspired Go will donate one meal to any frontline worker.

COVID 19 has brought me back to the reason I went into nursing years ago. I am here to help people and kick this disease in the butt.

Anonymous submission

“When the Covid-19 outbreak became serious in Calgary, we suspended our office delivery service and instead looked at ways we could help out our community,” said Inspired Go’s Growth Team member Ian Lees.

Get a meal, provide a story

Inspired Go is asking any frontline workers that request a meal to provide a story in return. These will be shared anonymously with the public.

“So far, we have been overwhelmed with difficult and positive stories from the staff,” said Lees.

“They have been a real inspiration for what we are doing, and we have begun sharing those with Calgarians so they know the battle that our incredible health care workers are fighting.”

The anticipation is daunting. I fear for my mental health before and after. We have been faced with difficult decisions already, similar to Italy. I’m also pregnant and very afraid to work but this is my job. I was born to help people and there is nothing I would rather do.

– Anonymous submission

Inspired Go’s decision to deliver their meals directly to health care workers homes was a result of AHS putting a restriction on hospitals accepting donations.

“We want to utilize the logistic network and food production team we currently have to help the community as best we can,” said Lees.

‘I work in x-ray, taking x-rays of positive COVID patients all while I’m fighting leukemia. I’m passionate about my career and want to help others.

– Anonymous submission

Donations continue to help provide meals

In addition to their one to one donation system, Inspired Go is also collecting direct donations on their website.

“We just want to get the word out to AHS staff that we’re doing this. And possibly look for a few donations from the Calgary community so we can continue to do this,” said Lees.

Rucki said that this system generates aid for front line workers, even if people can only afford to feed themselves.

“Even if you’re not necessarily in the giving mood, we’ve structured our service so that even if you’re just trying to keep your own family healthy, by osmosis it’s going to help others, and that’s good enough for us,” he said.