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The Practicum Podcast – E1 – Thrown into Calgary coronavirus coverage

This is NOT your typical practicum.

With the coronavirus pandemic changing the way we live in such unprecedented ways, it’s also had a significant impact on the time students have spent in the newsroom.

While practicums in the newsroom of LiveWire Calgary editor, Darren Krause, have never been an easy glide, this one has put four young Calgary journalists into an extraordinary situation.

They’re balancing their studies at SAIT, work, a practicum AND the challenge of keeping up with the daily grind in a newsroom – one in the throes of COVID-19 coverage.

Given the confluence of circumstances, we thought it would be fun to sit down and talk about some of the experience so far, reflect on what’s happened up to this point and get some perspective on what they thought their practicum experience would look like – and how it ended up.