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LWC Shortcast: Dr. Richelle Schindler – Lead of the coronavirus med student public health contact tracing team

Dr. Richelle Schindler, a resident physician at the University of Calgary, who specializes in Public Health and Preventative Medicine, chatted with LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause about tackling the monumental task of tracing the steps of those infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Schindler said the work of their team – which has now swelled to more than 300 – is some of the most important frontline work being done to prevent the spread of this coronavirus.

She said their goal is to “cut off” the spread of the virus by doing thorough contact tracing and getting people isolated and tested, if need be.

Have a listen and find out more about the medical student project, how the public health contact tracing works, and how its now being applied in other health jurisdictions.

(Also, here’s more on the data Dr. Schindler’s team have collected.)