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LWC Shortcast: Magliocca expenses – 3 interviews

Quite often in media today, we have to strip stories down to sound bites. There’s little room for context.

We find the one or two quotes from press ‘scrums,’ get a general sense of the story, write in the background, add in the quotes and we have a story.

Rarely are you, the readers (or listeners), given a chance to see what else was said in these group interviews. Most of it hits the cutting room floor.

There may be elements of these interviews that you think we miss; there may be parts that fill in the blanks for you.

Interviews with Couns. Carra (1), Davison (2), and Farrell (3).

We have the audio (99 per cent unedited) from three interviews done outside city council chambers today after the Standing Policy Committee meeting on Community and Protective Services.

All of the interviews are related to the proposed investigation into Coun. Joe Magliocca’s expenses and the fallout of Calgary integrity commissioner Sal LoVecchio’s $163 lunch with the Ward 2 councillor.

This is a little bit longer than a ‘shortcast’, but we think it’s worth the listen.