K2C2 podcast – Episode 2: Morgan Turigan and Haysboro rocks!

Why are there hundreds of painted rocks in Haysboro? Find out here and learn how easy it is to do!

Kourt and Keith talk with Morgan Turigan from Haysboro about the amazing things she's doing in the community. PHOTOS SUPPLIED BY MORGAN TURIGAN

The inspiration for Haysboro rocks comes from Morgan Turigan’s two kids and their desire to bring rocks home from the playground.

You can find out more about how that created a community activity that’s stone cold awesome!

But, that’s not all Morgan gives back to the community. You’ll find out about how they launched a toy library in the Haysboro and some changes she’s seen through her involvement with Brownies and Sparks.

Another great grassroots listen from Kourt and Keith Connecting Calgary.

More of Haysboro’s great community rock collection. MORGAN TURIGAN

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