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Calgary man gives Halloween cheer, not candy, to adult trick-or-treaters

If you’re taking your kids out trick-or-treating in Calgary on Halloween, you might want to stop by Chris Malmberg’s home in Deer Ridge. 

For the past 12 years, Chris has been opening up his garage and hosting a mini-block party for passersby. Malmberg said parents are always surprised there are treats for them when they pop by his house.

You could call it trick or taste.

“My garage is jam packed full of people some nights, and kids are running all over the street.”

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The first night Malmberg handed out adult beverages, he went into his own liquor cabinet to keep up with demand. He went through two flats of beer, five bottles of Baileys, a bottle of Baja Rosa, a bottle of tequila and a box of red wine. 

“Oh and a bottle of Scotch – of all things. I had to go into my liquor cabinet to get a bottle of Scotch,” he said. 

Bringing Calgary together on Halloween: Malmberg

For most of his life, Malmberg has been working downtown in the oil and gas industry. Recently, he opened up his own pet supply store in Lake Bonavista with the help of his partner and children. Malmberg said everyone gets so caught up in their lives, no one knows each other.

Opening up his garage annually brings his Calgary neighbourhood together on Halloween.

“A lot of times in this city you have people who live three doors down from you and you have absolutely no idea who they are. For me, this is an opportunity where people can come out, pop in the garage, have a drink and get to know each other.”

Malmberg also hands out soda and candy to anyone else who drops by. Photo Courtesy Chris Malmberg.

Malmberg said he stocks up well in advance of the big day. He also hands out soda and candy to kids and treats for any furry friends who drop by. 

Malmberg said he makes sure nothing gets out of hand. He’s never had any issues with the police, most likely due to the community patrol group. Often times members can be seen sipping coffee at his house Halloween night. 

This year, Malmberg is hoping to see plenty of people pop by his garage located along Deer Run Boulevard SE.  

“This Halloween is on a Thursday. So I’m going to be expecting a pretty good turnout. But sometimes it all depends on the weather, it could be five people could be 50 people,” he said.

“So I hope to see my neighbours this year. My garage will be open and the fire will be on.”