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The importance of early math skills in children

Kinderhouse Preschools recognize the importance of early development in mathematic skills. It impacts a child’s ongoing enjoyment in working with numbers and lays the groundwork for future success and learning enrichment.

Amoriza Gunnink with My Kinderhouse Preschool, said developing sound math ability in early learning provides a launchpad for future interest. 

“The challenge with mathematical development is that researchers are discovering feelings of self-efficacy and math ability sustain math interest in the early years,” she said. 

“Even in the earliest stages, sustaining interest and enjoyment in mathematics depends on the development of math abilities.” 

At her Calgary preschool locations, Gunnink said they plan and create intentional learning experiences daily that build a child’s math skills in playful and developmentally appropriate ways. 

Children naturally use math processes in their play; whether they’re putting objects in a specific order, in different groups, or even as they share, they’re using mathematics to determine the outcome. Play mixed with intentional learning in areas like patterning, analysis, counting, and classification help kids stretch their math skills while having fun. 

Of course, learning numbers and operations are top priorities! 

The Kinderhouse teaching team engages children in educational explorations to grow in mathematical understanding and setting them up for future learning success. 

“The current trajectory of technological innovation and automation are shifting labour market demands for individuals proficient in math,” said Gunnink.  

“Yet in Alberta, we note many students are struggling in math with large numbers of high school students failing the standardized math exams. Research is showing early math experiences impact on children’s math development and outcomes.”

Kinderhouse Preschool focuses on teaching mixed with play. CONTRIBUTED

Academics and preschool fun

Kinderhouse offers a stimulating environment that balances academic growth with artistic and playful exploration to provide formative and well-rounded educational experiences. 

Kinderhouse preschool programs are specially developed for children between the ages of two and five years old. Their experienced teaching team brings with them the love of experiential learning combined with a desire to nurture a child’s natural curiosity.  

They have four locations, with three in Calgary and one in Chestermere. 

For more information on their early education programs and how your children can participate in Kinderhouse preschool’s innovative learning environment, visit their website.