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‘Everything is dead’: Kincora residents frustrated with degraded front entrance sign

In Kincora, you could call it a sign of the times. 

But for the residents of Kincora, their front entrance feature sign has changed for the worse over the last few years.

Arif Pervez has lived in the northwest neighborhood of Kincora since 2007. Almost every night he’s taken an evening walk past the sign and noticed the changes build up. 

“When we started living here the quality was very good because there was a landscaping company that was taking care of everything in Kincora very well,” said Pervez. 

“Now everything is dead.”

Pervez dug up old photos of the sign and posted them to Facebook comparing them to a photo of today’s sign. Residents were quick to point out they noticed the changes as well. 

A Google Maps screenshot reveals what the front entrance sign looked like in 2012. Google Maps Screenshot.

“So many weeds now. When are they going to finish the work?” said one member of the Kincora Community Residents Facebook page.

“It looks so sad” said another.

Private company now responsible for landscaping

Minutes from a 2016 and 2017 meeting of the Kincora Residents Association said a private company is now responsible for landscaping.

Multiple requests to the Kincora Residents Association were unanswered. But a statement on the Association’s website says they’re working on improving the feature. 

“The retaining wall has not had structural improvements since it was first built,” the statement reads.  

“After hearing proposals from multiple commercial contractors, we went ahead with the median bid in respect to both cost and services provided. There has been a temporary stoppage in the work because it was discovered when the work commenced that the underground irrigation system also needs repair. We are extremely concerned with the ongoing beautification of our neighbourhood and will work diligently on getting this feature back to having that wow-factor!”

No info on timeline for Kincora sign improvements

There is currently no timeline for the entrance feature’s improvements.

For Pervez, he hopes to see improvements soon.

“I talked to other residents. I said we should demand why they are not taking care of Kincora like before,” said Pervez.

“It’s about taking care of your neighbourhood. To make it beautiful. So when we all come home we can take in its beauty.”