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Calgary fire, police and public transit to take biggest trim in budget cuts: City admin

Fire, police and public transit will take the biggest cuts should a proposed $60 million budget savings package be approved by city hall Monday.

The administration list was posted in the upcoming agenda for the combined meeting of council and the top three slated for a trim are the aforementioned areas, with fire taking the biggest cut at $7.625 million.

Police will absorb a $7 million hit, while transit is on the hook for $6.893 million of the proposed cuts. If you add in specialized transit ($2.395 million), that department does take the biggest overall hit at $9.2 million.

Close behind these top three is corporate programs, which will see a cut of $6.253 million.

Councillors said there would be across the board cuts, and city administration’s list hit 48 different city services.

The package of cuts was required after the city approved a $130.9 million aid package for Calgary businesses in June. The $60 million is required in cuts to go along with the $70.9 million from city coffers.

The full list of proposed budgets adjustments is below.

City of Calgary – Summary of Proposed Reductions by Darren Krause on Scribd

The city’s report, prepared for council, states that 19 per cent of the cuts ($11.3 million) were found through efficiencies, however they said given the scale of the reductions, “there are impacts to front-line services and staff.”

City administration said that beyond the efficiencies, other reductions were found by “delaying or cancelling new or enhanced service offerings.”

Below are the “guiding principles” for the cuts, as approved by council.

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