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Calgary begins review of six sub-service areas

Councillors approved the review of six sub-service areas Tuesday, beginning the Calgary service review process for the City.

In November last year, council asked for a list of the sub-services tied to the 61 services in the One Calgary budget. On Tuesday a report outlining 245 sub-services was delivered to council and they approved a review on six of those areas for review.

The areas include:

  • Golf programs and activities
  • Low Income Transit pass funding model
  • Citizen engagement
  • Sailing programs and activities
  • Community Recycling Depots
  • Boulevards and naturalizations

According to city administrations report, they wanted to review why the service exists, customers that use the service, performance measures and impact on citizens, among other things.

They’re also looking at why the service is offered and whether or not the city could stop providing those services or if service reductions could be implemented. This is part of a longer-term plan to review the sub-services and services undertaken by the City of Calgary.

Calgary service reviews assess program need

“Service reviews are another tool to help Council assess whether The City is providing the services that Calgarians want and need,” said Glenda Cole, City Manager.

“These reviews will focus on answering why a sub-service exists and what the sub-service provides.”

These Calgary service reviews are expected back for November, when the city does its annual budget adjustments.

On July 22, councillors will be receiving administration recommendations on $60 million in budget cuts to help provide tax relief to the city’s business community. In June, city council approved a $131 million package that included $70.9 million from the city’s savings and another $60 million in budget savings.  

“As we carefully consider our plans and budgets, and areas for reductions, we are making every effort to minimize the impact to those services our citizens and businesses value most,” said Carla Male, Chief Financial Officer.