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Calgary Stampede rolls out 2019 Midway food options

It’s become an annual Calgary Stampede rite of passage: Testing the new fare at the fair.

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth showed off its 2019 Midway food and drink for this year’s 10-day spectacular and as always, there’s a wide range of new foods – including some new trends, like the Beyond Meat ™ pizza.

This year there also appears to be a commitment to bringing the heat to the Midway.

“The spectacular and inventive dishes brought to the Midway every year, truly make the Calgary Stampede experience fun and memorable,” said James Radke, Retail Attractions and Midway Operations Manager at the Calgary Stampede.


“The culinary experience is a ‘must do’ and by purchasing a Stampede SuperPass, guests can live out their foodie adventures throughout the entire 10 days.”

Also new this year is the “Take a bite outta Stampede!” done in partnership with Food Network Canada. It gives guests unique ways to hit the Midway with food in mind.

Among the new items this year are:

  • Bacon pancake dipper
  • Bacon onion rings on a stick
  • Cereal sugar mini doughnuts
  • Butter Beer ice cream
  • Flaming hot Cheetos corndog
  • Cheesy ramen dog
  • Deep fried chicken skins
  • Dill pickle pop
  • Flamin’ frog legs
  • Octo leg and Octo lolly

… and – the Monster bug bowl.

Check out the Calgary Stampede’s food page to get a full run down of the new foods on the grounds this year.