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Alberta election photo essay: Day in the life of a candidate – Gar Gar / Calgary East

(Editor’s note: The four primary political parties were contacted for this assignment. Only the Alberta Party and the Alberta Liberals have made someone available / responded. We endeavour to have all parties represented in this prior to the April 16 election day.)

My ride along with Gar Gar and his campaign manager Jeromy Deleff started when they picked me up at Tuscany station in the morning. Then was it breakfast time. Gar and Deleff are loyal Tim Hortons customers and self-professed coffee-addicts having up to six extra large double-doubles some days.

Gar Gar, Alberta Party candidate in the upcoming provincial election, starts his day with buying breakfast at Tim Hortons with his campaign manager Jeromy Deleff in Calgary Thursday, March 28, 2019. (Azin Ghaffari/LiveWire Calgary)

Gar Gar and Jeromy Deleff first started working together when Gar Gar was ran for SAITSA president and got elected. Deleff started with shooting photos and videos for the campaign and eventually he was asked by Gar to become his campaign manager. Deleff is graduating from SAIT’s school of business shortly.

Gar Gar and Jeromy Deleff make a stop at a copy shop to print thank you notes to hand out to Calgary-East residents who have agreed to put Gar’s election sign in their lawn. (Azin Ghaffari/LiveWire Calgary )

Gar Gar spent most of his day delivering lawn signs to people whom he met while door knocking during the past two months. He had asked them for consent to put signs in their lawns.

Gar Gar delivers lawn signs from the back of his van. (Azin Ghaffari/LiveWire Calgary )

Gar Gar drops by more that a hundred houses where he puts down lawn signs and thank the residents if they’re home. He runs back and forth from his van to the houses while delivering the signs.

Gar Gar runs back to the van to get the next address from Deleff. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/Calgary LiveWire)
Gar Gar uses a screwdriver to put down his sign in the hard ground on a lawn in Calgary-East riding. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/Calgary LiveWire)

Deleff received a phone call regarding a sign that they had just put in a lawn. The caller said the sign was put there without their consent. Gar Gar showed up at the the house and explained that he had talked to their daughter when he had door-knocked at their house before. The couple invited him in to discuss their life situation and financial hardship after an early retirement due to health issues. They ended up letting Gar Gar leave his sign in their lawn

Glen Wilander, left, and Sharon O’Reilly invite Gar Gar in for a conversation about the hardship of living on a fixed income. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/ LiveWire Calgary)

Gar is well-known in his riding and he meets and greets people as they walk or drive by him. Sometimes people end up getting a sign from him to put in their lawn or take to someone they know.

Gar Gar meets a friend who asks for a sign lawn to take to a relative. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/ LiveWire Calgary)

He is sociable and friendly and he sometimes surprises his campaign manager when he convinces people to take a sign for their lawn or gets them to promise him their vote in a quick conversation.

Gar Gar waves goodbye to a resident who let him put a sign in their lawn. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/LiveWire Calgary )

After a long day of delivering signs and door knocking, Gar and Deleff head to Marda Loop to participate in a GSA rally in support of the Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta schools. During the ride there, Gar updates Deleff on the news on his social media.

Gar Gar laughs with his campaign manager Jeromy Deleff during a drive to GSA Rally as he believes his campaign motto is being stolen by a competitor. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/LiveWire Calgary)
Gar Gar, Alberta Party candidate, and his campaign manager Jeromy Deleff attend GSA rally in Marda Loop. The rally took place in support of the Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta schools. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/ LiveWire Calgary)

Hundreds of Calgarians and a number of politicians from different parties participated in the Rally. It was a colourful ending to a busy and active day.