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Alberta Election: Party leaders in Calgary

Alberta Party

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced his plan to support the province’s film industry of Alberta if elected. His party’s plan would offer subsidies on eligible salaries and on production expenses for film and TV crews working in the province.

In his speech, Mandel emphasized on the importance of creating job opportunities in Alberta, particularly for the creative community. 

United Conservative Party

Alberta’s United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney had a roundtable talk with a group of community mothers during a tea meeting in southwest Calgary.

Education was one of the main topics of the group’s discussion. Alberta’s UCP made its education announcement prior to this roundtable meeting.


Premier Rachel Notley unveiled the New Democratic Party’s child care plan. Notley’s plan would invest $1.5 billion over the next five years to ensure Alberta families can pay $25 a day per child for child care, regardless of what their child care costs are currently, their media release stated.

This promise expands the two-year-old pilot project that offers $25-a-day child care. They also expect to add 13,000 additional child care spaces in that time.

Alberta Liberal Party

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan said his government would create a revenue-neutral carbon tax if elected.

This would enable Albertans to spend more money on making their lifestyle more energy-efficient. Khan said that the NDP has not been reporting on the impact of the carbon tax on carbon pollution. Liberals are committed to reporting the progress made on reducing carbon emissions every year. 

Photo Credits: Azin Ghaffari